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By Mike Gloss
What to do if an impaired resident is lost and/or missing:
1. Check your home & property thoroughly, they may be hiding. IF they took a CAR - CALL 911 with description of car – make, model, color, license plate #
2. Notify Pine Lakes Gate house: 239-731-2500. Give your name and phone #, their name with a physical description: height, weight, color of hair, any other distinguishing features. State if resident is on foot, in a cart, on a bike or in a car, vehicle description, last known location: Pine Lakes or Lake Fairways, lot number, culde-sac and estimated amount of time missing.
3. Gate House will:
  1. Notify Calling Post, who will call everyone with pertinent information to begin a search.
  2. Instruct original caller to stay close to their phone.
  3. After 30 minutes, if resident is not found, Sheriff Dispatch # 239-477-1000 will be called.
  4. Notify Calling Post when resident is found.
Please participate by searching near your home, including lake shore, golf course, and Preserve areas. Notify Gate House Immediately if you locate the missing person and stay with them.

CERT Team Has Hurricane Experience
and is Here to Help
By Howard Harrison

Whenever “storm season” is here a group of Pine Lakes residents is prepared to help anyone who needs help in planning and surviving a hit by a hurricane.

Some of the people listed here went through “the big one,” Hurricane Charley in 2004, and a couple of more minor storms after that including Wilma.

If a threat develops out over the water, this group will meet and plan our response in the form of guidance for community members who aren’t sure what to do. The team members are listed here and are available to provide counsel and physical assistance in preparation or repair from a hurricane or tornado.

They also will meet with and coordinate survival activities with the ELS staff. They have already met informally and know what needs doing.

The team is equipped with generators, chains, chainpulls, tarps, hold-down slats, protective covers, icerefrigerated coolers and a transport trailer. Most have been trained by emergency-experienced professionals of the North Fort Myers Fire Department.

The team can connect persons who need to apply for medical transport and care (48 hours before the storm) with the Fort Myers emergency network. They know where the shelters are and will gladly advise regarding sheltering.

The team brought 100 copies of the 2015 Wink Hurricane Guide to the reception desk - all have been taken. More guides are available at Publix (right next to the newspaper rack).

Cleanup of over 800 downed trees after the storm was a major project after Hurricane Charley. The “heavy lifting” was provided by ELS contractors.

Community members were also active in providing the final cleanup and preparation of the golf course for play. A disaster/emergency plan prepared by ELS is available at the clubhouse reception desk. Please pick one up at your convenience.


My name is Mike Gloss and I am the new volunteer Acting Director of the CERT program here at Pine Lakes. CERT stands for Community Emergency Response Team and is administered by our local Fire & Rescue Department. It is part of the Citizen Corps Division of Homeland Security of our Federal government. Its purpose is to assist and evaluate our community needs in the event of national or man-made disasters, hurricane, tornado, fire, chemical spills, or acts of terrorism. We have had an active group here at Pine Lakes, but interest and volunteer numbers have fallen due to ageing, health situations, recreation and general lack of interest. Our last natural disaster was Hurricane Charley in 2004, 13 years ago.

It is time to revitalize our CERT program so we are able and ready to serve our neighbors should the need arise.
• Have a desire to help your neighbor in time of need.
• Ability to attend free training sessions and periodic meetings.
• No heavy lifting or financial obligation.
• Pine Lakes resident—full time or seasonal.

My telephone number is 330-524-1292 and I am asking everyone to consider volunteering for CERT – and call me.

CERT Team MembersPhone No.Cul-de-sac
Mike Gloss - acting director 330-524-1292 29-A
Ginny Dykes - team treasurer
567-0377 33-D
Sharon Rondeau - team
communications preparation
543-5386 47-A
Ray Rondeau - equipment management
543-5386 47-A
Bob DeMarco 731-0494 22-A
Ron Slack  995-6048 32-A
Marlo Magnette  567-0671 07-H
Ronda & John Owens
599-4108 48L
Willard & Maureen Brown 731-0551 10-H
Maura Alexander
 543-9642 10-K