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President: Larry Hyskey 239-567-0807
Vice President: Sharon Rondeau 239-543-5386
Secretary: Betty White 518-260-9312
Treasurer: Coral Lanes 239-772-1661


Coral Lanes 2019 - 2020

Lanes 1 through 12

PLEASE NOTE: The bylaws which follow cover only rules which are necessary for the Bowling League Secretary software. Many areas, such as tardy players and team franchises are not covered here and should be appended to these league rules.

General League Specifications:

  • This league shall be called PINE LAKES MIXED LEAGUE 2019-2020
  • This league will not be sanctioned. This is a handicap, senior mixed league.
  • This league shall bowl 3 games per night.
  • The league will bowl on Monday at 2:00 PM for 24 weeks beginning on October 9, 2019.
  • The league shall bowl on lanes 1-12.
Split Season:
  • The league season shall be divided into 2 parts, with the segments beginning with weeks 1 and 13.
  • At the start of each split, the following will be restarted: Team Points.
Position Rounds:
  • The league season shall have 2 position rounds. They will be the following weeks: 12 and 24.
Legal Lineup:
  • This league shall consist of 12 teams with a playing strength of 4 bowlers per team. The minimum legal lineup shall consist of 1 eligible players of which 1 must be from the team's current roster.
  • Injured bowler scores (type "I" scores shall count toward legal lineup.

Averages and Handicaps:

Team Handicap:

  • The TEAM handicap shall be the sum of the bowlers' individual handicaps. The team handicap shall not be limited.

Individual Handicaps:

  • The handicap shall be 80 percent of the difference between the bowlers average and 200. The handicap shall not
  • be limited. A VACANCY score shall be 120. An ABSENTEE score shall be the bowler's average less 10 pins.
  • A bowler's book average (never Entering Average) shall be used for the first 3 games bowled. For bowlers without a book average, the first night's average shall be used for the first 3 games bowled.
  • For bowlers without a book average, who have not yet bowled, the program will display a zero average.

Team Points and Team Results:

  • 2 points are awarded to the winner of each team game. 2 points are awarded to the winner of the team series (total pinfall with handcap).

When Bowling Against a BYE:

  • Teams must beat the BYE team's score of 736 each game, to receive 2 points per game. In order to win all 8 points the teams must beat the BYE team's total for three games of 2208.
  • 736 is the BYE team's score of 120 plus the 80% handicap of 64 which totals 184 times 4 players = 736.
  • 736 times 3 games = 2208.

When Bowling Against a Forfeit:

  • The team must bowl within 40 pins of the team average to win the points.
  • The team average is the sum of the averages of the bowlers who bowled. In case of a "tie," the team wins the points
  • (points are not split).

Team Standings:

  • Team standings are determined by the actual number of points won.
  • In the case of a tie in points won, then total pins are used to break the tie.

Team Awards:

  • Ties will be broken by total pin count.

Individual Awards:

  • This league will award individual prizes for high scratch and handicap scores for the season.
  • Individual handicap scores will be counted toward league prizes starting with each bowlers game #1.
  • Bowlers can receive only one individual award. The second and third place winners will then win in the next categories of awards.

Most Improved Average:

  • The most improved average is determined by comparing the bowler's average at 9 games and the average
  • at the end of the season.
  • At the end of the season, a bowler must have completed 21 of the games to be eligible for the league award.
  • Pre-bowled and make-up games shall qualify for league awards.
  • Pre-bowled and make-up games shall qualify for association awards.