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Beautification Committee Notice

As some of you are aware, Mike and I have sold our home here in Pine Lakes and will be moving out soon.

It has been my honor and privilege to head up this group for the past 20 months, having spent time with awesome, hard working gals and guys, and hosted and executed some fun events and projects.

Our biggest task each year is decorating the community for the Christmas Holiday Season. I’m reaching out in hopes that an individual, or group might come forward and volunteer to keep this great Committee intact. There are dates on the calendar for the 2019 season that you may choose to execute or they can be removed, if preferred. If you have an interest or questions, please call me at 952-358-1347. At this time a discussion is underway to save the New Years Eve event and ring in the new decade with fun and style.

Thanks to each and every one of you who have supported our team by attending our events, lending a helping hand, and by your generous donations.

Bonnie Stropes


What to do if an impaired resident is lost and/or missing

  1. Check your home & property thoroughly, they may be hiding.
  2. CALL 911. Give your name and phone #, their name with a physical description; Height, weight, color of hair, any other distinguishing features. State if resident is on foot, in a cart, on a bike or in a car and vehicle description, last known location: Pine Lakes or Lake Fairways, lot number, cul-de-sac and estimated amount of time missing.
  3. Call Gate House PL: 239-731-2500 LF: 239-731-5355 with above information
  4. Gate House will:
    1. Notify Calling Post, who will RoBo call everyone with pertinent information to begin search.
      NOTE – Caller ID will be Oklahoma!
    2. Instruct original caller to stay close to their phone
    3. Notify Calling Post when resident is found for follow up call
Please participate by searching near your home, including lake shore, golf course, and Preserve areas. Notify Gate House Immediately if you locate the missing person and stay with them. Thank You!

Ray Walton, Safety officer
Mike Gloss, C.E.R.T leader

Pine Lakes Phone Book

Now You Can Update Your Information Online

Use the Update Form here

Extra copies of the 2019 Phone Book are available for $5.00 at the front desk or from a Men's Club Executive member.

Military Support Group Request List

sponsored by Lee Health

Women's Club is conducting a service project for the military. The attached list provides our members and others in our community a chance to collect items over the summer and throughout the season for donation.

Slim Jims
Granola Bars
Trail Mix
Dry drinks that can beadded to water
Coffee Pods
Microwaveable Meals
Cheese & Crackers
Travel size Q-Tips
Pudding Cups no refrigeration
Hard Candy in individual wrappers
Suntan Lotion
Meals in a Pouch (ex. tuna)
Pringles in small cans or in pop top no can opener

Any questions please call
Lois Likinay (248-515-9662) or
Linda Dowd (239-789-6626)
Thank you for your support!

Hurricane Preparations

Our community needs volunteers that have generators or early power restoration who are willing to share limited refrigerator space with residents in need of refrigeration for their medications.
Call Mike Gloss 330-524-1292.


The front desk has received a number of calls about gators and coyotes in the area. Please be alert.